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Grow your mindset. Transform your organization.

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Mindset matters.

Our largely unconscious beliefs, values and motivations drive behavior. Understanding the mind-brain connection and learning how to grow mindsets is the new frontier in leadership development.

  • M = mindset
  • R = rewards
  • PS = processes
  • S = strategy
  • C = culture
  • P = people

The Challenge

Our brain is wired to love similarity, stability, security and a bit of novelty.

The Reality

Our world is full of volatile, uncertain, complex & ambiguous (VUCA) problems.

Our current mindsets are overwhelmed and underdeveloped.

We teach forward looking organizations and groups to grow mindsets. We give you the tools to sync up your leadership mindset and culture for optimal performance.

This is how we do it.

New mindset, new result

Grow your mindset. Transform your organization.

Our mindsets must be large enough to meet the demands of a complex world. Is there a gap between your leadership mindsets and the results that you hope to inspire? Learn more about how neuroscience discoveries have helped us write a new operating manual for leadership effectiveness and collaborative power.

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Visit Syncup Leadership Group on LinkedIn for our latest updates. We promise to search out and comment on the latest neuroscience, mindset and leadership trends that will help you thrive in your professional and personal life. We believe in the positive power of relationships and enlightened social networks.

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Mindsets are a critical competitive advantage. Is your organization brain friendly enough to grow mindsets?

Most of us spend the majority of our waking hours at work. Some neuroscientists have referred to organizations as social prisons for the brain. Take a few minutes to answer questions that provide a candid peek into the factors that influence mindset growth in your organization.

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“The program helped me realize that my nonprofit organization’s growth, which was the key to reach self-sufficiency, had more to do with my own growth as an individual and as an effective whole-person leader than any of the external factors we faced. The process of their program allowed me to explore my own leadership strengths and weaknesses, the latter being things I was reluctant to do or wasn’t doing to the fullest. As a result of my own accelerated growth, the organization sprang ahead at its fastest rate in 17 years.”


David Kahley, President & CEO

The Progress Fund

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