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Amita Schmidt, MSW

Amita Schmidt, MSW

Amita has a passion for and expertise in the evolution of consciousness. She is an international mindfulness meditation teacher and a Certified Internal Family Systems educator.

SyncUp Leadership Associate Amita Schmidt has been leading mindfulness workshops nationally since 1998.  For six years she was the resident teacher at Insight Meditation Society, one of the largest mindfulness retreat centers in the world.  Amita was a consultant for the UCLA Mindfulness Research Center Program (MARC) and is the co-founder of Southwest Sangha, a non-profit meditation training center in New Mexico.

Her personal training includes over two decades of meditation and mindfulness practice, including many months of silent retreats. Amita has worked as a clinical social worker since 1984. She has a certification in Internal Family Systems (IFS) and has been training and supervising others in this modality since 2016. She is also certified in EMDR (a form of trauma therapy), and somatic movement. Amita is an internationally published author and cartoonist.

Outside SyncUp Amita can be found swimming with manta rays.