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Julie Chesley, PhD

Julie Chesley, PhD

Julie Chesley, retired USAF Lt. Colonel, integrates personal and group transformation with strategic thinking. She is recognized for leading critical strategy implementation and change efforts.

SyncUp Group Associate Dr. Julie Chesley is an Associate Professor of Organization Theory at Pepperdine University where she is the Director of Pepperdine’s top ranked Masters of Science in Organizational Development (MSOD) program. Julie’s teaching focuses on personal and group transformation as well as the critical thinking and analysis required to successfully lead change. Julie has also been on the faculty at the United States Air Force Academy and at Colorado College.

Julie has over twenty-eight years experience, including twenty years of service to the United States Air Force retiring as a Lt Colonel. During her Air Force career Julie had the opportunity to lead critical strategy implementation and change efforts including strategic planning for a major government agency which led to national recognition.

Julie has numerous publications and presentations including articles in California Management Review, Journal of Business Research and the Journal of Leadership Studies, as well two texts: Applied Project Management for Space Systems and Strategic Thinking: Today’s Business Imperative.

She holds a B.S. in Management from the United States Air Force Academy, and an M.B.A and Ph.D. in Organization Theory and Management from the Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado.

Outside of SyncUp Julie can be found walking on the strand looking at the ocean or dancing in the kitchen with her husband.