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Kent Rhodes, PhD

Kent Rhodes, PhD

Kent Rhodes is an expert in the field of family owned business equipping leaders with skills that build value, diminish discord and increase personal effectiveness.

SyncUp Group Associate Dr. Kent Rhodes is a core faculty with Pepperdine University’s Doctoral Programs in Organization Leadership and the Master of Science in Organization Development. A politically savvy guide, Rhodes is an Organizational Development expert who cultivates emotional, social and business intelligence, helping senior-level leaders become more effective.

An expert in the field of family owned businesses, Kent brings firsthand experience equipping family executives and sibling/cousin management teams with leadership skills that build value, diminish discord and increase personal effectiveness. He also maintains a successful executive coaching practice for a variety of privately held and family owned enterprises both domestically and internationally. He is the lead author of “Managing Conflict in the Family Business: Understanding Challenges at the Intersection of Family and Business”, published by Palgrave-Macmillan.

Rhodes founded and served as Chief Executive Officer of OnCourse Network, Inc., an Internet Education Company. Kent’s business background combines with a unique appreciation of the links between personal development, giving back to the community and fulfillment in life and work. He serves as a member of the Board of Directors for several organizations.

Outside of SyncUp Kent can be found hiking in the wilderness park by his house or riding his bike to the beach.