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How to Drive Transformative Change to Advance Global Security

Dr. Miemie Winn ByrdAssociate Professor, Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies (APCSS)

The Challenge:

How to build and enhance classroom learning experience into a back home application with ongoing support from APCSS faculty and other students.

Students frequently stated the challenge as:

We learn a lot here but this will never work in my country.

The Solution:

We designed an action learning process that has 3 key components:

From the beginning of a four week course, students start to develop their action plan to be implemented when they get back home; they meet several times in small groups and with faculty to sharpen their plan; they deliver the plan to entire cohort before departing APCSS for home country.

The Impact:

This program has enhanced the professional development of Fellows attending the courses by providing a model for applied learning that ultimately enhances their personal and professional skills, their interactions with senior leadership and other stakeholders, and enables them to focus on a project that will improve security cooperation when they return to their countries.