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Going from the Kitchen to Global Biotech Market

Tzeira SoferCEO, Pomega, Inc.

The Challenge:

Tzeira Sofer, CEO and founder of Pomega Inc., was committed to bringing her revolutionary skin care products to market. She faced significant barriers to entry in the traditional marketplace. Her innovative product spanned the territory of beauty enhancing cosmetics and health and healing. Her startup required funding for research, product development, and marketing. Could she combine her founder’s passion with the strategic vision and pragmatic tools required to sustain the uncertainty of the entrepreneurial journey?

The Solution:

Developing a strategic vision and the inner voice of wisdom:

At the beginning I was surrounded by voices that said you are crazy…who is going to care, what do you know? Working with the SyncUp4 process helped me create a vision for the journey and develop the inner voice that knew to trust that the drive and hundreds of hours of research and strong motivation to share something scientific with others was the right course of action.

Harnessing attention and integrating whole person capacity to meet the challenges of the creative process:

During the creative and strategic process you have to be aware of your internal and external surroundings. You have to engage with your emotions on a minute by minute basis. I learned how to defuse the emotional charge in relationships surrounding me, about the creative process itself, within the creative process and in negotiations with people that came as clients, customers and potential partners. I became more discerning and strategic whether I had a great day or an accident a minute before the meeting.

The entrepreneurial journey is not just about marketing and business decisions, it is about what happens to you, how healthy you are, what kind of people you are attracting and how you deal with setbacks.

Without this work my ability to look at everything and sustain this journey would have been much more difficult – for me and my family.

The Impact:

Pomega Inc. is a sustainable business.

We have a retail component and the professional component with big potential. We’ve collaborated with the scientific community that was initially very difficult to work with. Took a lot of work to get them to try it. Now, after a couple of years they are saying…wow this is really works… fantastic results.

Having the product in the doctor’s hands and the scientific community is what I wanted to achieve. We could have survived as just another product on the shelf, but the impact of our product would have been diminished.