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The Science of

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What if most leadership development programs were educating only half a mind and ignoring brain basics?

Sound Familiar?

Look Better?

Overwhelmed and distracted

flashlight icon

Energized and focused

Running on empty – approaching burnout


Engaged, inspired and resilient

Bias and autopilot rule – caught in a swirl by uncertainty and ambiguity


Agile thinker, big picture driven, emotionally regulated and present

“Me” focused, unhealthy competition, fear and mistrust undermine collaboration and innovation

Healthy challenge and support expected and accepted, innovation and collaboration brings out the best in all

There is a disconnect between where we invest our money and the results we expect. There are two sides to the development coin.

U.S. corporations spend almost 14 billion annually on leadership development. Yet we still complain about the leadership deficit.

Brain Scaffolding


  • Traditional leadership development programs
  • Focus on building skills and adding competencies
  • Do what we already know how to do better

Rocket Ship


  • An emerging, evidence based set of best practices
  • Focus on growing the mental agility that leads to strategic thinking
  • Learn how to thrive in a dynamic and uncertain world

The Solution: SyncUp4 Model

Discover what your mind can do for the better. What if your potential to grow your mindset was infinite? Our SyncUp4 Model gives you the fuel to grow your mindset for optimal performance.

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Dynamic Attention Icon

Dynamic Attention

Sync up your attention to reclaim your focus, insight and presence.

Dynamic Attention Icon

Step 1: Dynamic Attention

Focus drives results. Use your attention to change your brain, increase performance and strengthen relationships.

How often do you unplug? Can you put the brakes on constant activity and step outside of overwhelm? How do you support your own clear thinking? What gets in the way of your focused attention? Are you fully present? How does having a monkey mind and living in a firehose world work for you?

  • Reclaim your focus, insight and presence
  • Change your brain to change your behavior: the power of neuroplasticity.
  • Insight occurs in moments of focused and relaxed attention.
  • Multi-tasking and continuous partial attention are brain limiting practices.
  • Mindful awareness, executive functioning, neuroplasticity
Whole Person Integration Icon

Whole Person Integration

Sync up your intellect, intuition, emotion, sense of purpose and well-being for greatness.

Whole Person Integration Icon

Step 2: Whole Person Integration

Greatness takes your whole self. Leverage your internal resources for agility, resilience and effectiveness.

How much of your whole self do you bring to work? What are you leaving outside the door?
SPINE integration gives you the stability, agility, inspiration and energy to lead and thrive in a complex and challenging environment.

  • Spiritual – inspire a sense of meaning, purpose and community at work.
  • Physical – support well being and energy, use body as signaling system.
  • Intellectual – embrace complexity and ambiguity.
  • Intuitive – see patterns that source creativity and insight.
  • Emotional – inform deep understanding of self and others.

Developing and integrating the SPINE elements integrate the brain centers that help you regulate.

Authentic Collaboration Icon

Authentic Collaboration

Unleash the energy for inspired collaboration by going from me to we.

Authentic Collaboration Icon

Step 3: Authentic Collaboration

Going from me to we. Harness the paradox of radical accountability and compassion. Increase engagement, inspire innovation and free up capacity.

What blocks the spirit of inquiry, accountability and healthy challenge in you or your organization? Are compassion and empathy freely given in your workplace?

  • Complex environments call for an agile response to change and unprecedented levels of collaboration inside the organization and across its boundaries.
  • The brain is a social organ. We are wired to connect.
  • The quality and nature of our relationships regulate the brain circuits that control fear, anxiety and stress.
  • Neuroplasticity – the ability to change our brain for greater effectiveness – is optimized in the context of familiar and caring relationships.
Strategic Clarity

Strategic Clarity

Sync up your strategic perspective. Mitigate bias and cultivate wisdom.

Strategic Clarity

Step 4: Strategic Clarity

Know your story, shape your future. Challenge and evolve your current understanding. Step back, assess the situation, incorporate insights and take action.

Do you know what supports your greatness? What price do you pay for being on autopilot? Is your voice of wisdom up and running?

  • Examine patterns, habits and beliefs to rewire your neural pathways for big picture thinking.
  • Break out of the box of biased thinking.
  • Unlearn from past experiences and grow the wisdom circuitry in your brain.

The Science Behind Our Model

We bring together two strands of new research: neuroscience and vertical development. In the last 20 years we’ve learned more about the brain than in the entire course of human history.

Growing mindsets with neuroscience and vertical development.

We are in the midst of a neuroscience revolution. Neuroplasticity, our ability to use our mind to change our brain, is a fact. When coupled with vertical learning strategies, the science of how our mindsets grow and change throughout our lifetime, neuroscience becomes neurolearning for leaders. Bigger mindsets translate into the agility required to lead effectively in a complex and ever-changing world.

Neuroscience + Vertical Development

The SyncUp group translates the benefits of neuroscience into a practical, scalable approach to developing your leadership mindset. We help you discover and develop new capacity.

Keeping a cool head

Brain Facts:

Linking our limbic system (memories and emotions) to our executive functioning (prefrontal cortex) reduces reactivity and increases cognitive agility.

Collaborative Idea making

Brain Facts:

Our brains are connected – we have mirror neurons that help us understand what others are thinking and feeling. Our brains are social organs – we develop better brain functioning and increased neuroplasticity in healthy relationships.

Funneling Ideas

Brain Facts:

Multitasking is a myth and people who believe that they are are good multi-taskers tend to suffer the biggest loss in performance.

Brain Strength

Brain Facts:

Your brain may be small (2 percent of your body weight) but it uses about 20 percent of your bodies oxygen and glucose. Concentrating and putting the brakes on unhealthy and impulsive behavior takes even more energy.

Moving forward

Brain Facts:

Emotional regulation – the ability to link your limbic system (emotions and memories) with your prefrontal cortex (executive functioning) leads to better decisions and healthier relationships.

Brain iceburg

Brain Facts:

We have 100s of biases that automatically influence our decision making. Understanding how your brain and mind function can help you mitigate those biases.

Cultivating Ideas

Brain Facts:

Working memory, the foundation of your brains’ executive functioning, improves with sleep, exercise and good nutrition.

Brain Facts:

Sleep and exercise are brain boosting practices. The longer you work without frequent breaks – the less efficient your brain is in helping you make good decisions.

Idea Catcher

Brain Facts:

Mindful awareness – how you use your attention and awareness – changes the brain, boosts immunity and increases well being.