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The Leadership Group

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We teach you to grow your mindset.
We help you discover and develop new capacity.

Our world needs leaders with bigger mindsets.

Are you ready to develop an uncommon mindset to become a remarkable leader?

We believe the most important resource you have under your control for navigating complexity in the workplace is your leadership mindset—the collection of beliefs, values, assumptions and experiences that inform how you interpret the world and take action. We are a team of practitioners and academics committed to the art and science of growing mindsets. We make science practically useful in service of thriving organizations and a better world.

We get at the root of behavior change by helping leaders get comfortable with the discomfort of growing their mindset. Using what we know about the brain and the mind we teach you to write a new internal operating system… one in sync with the realities of a complex world.

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This is how we do it.

The SyncUp Story


The SyncUp4 Model was born in the Summer of 2004 at the Haleiwa Cafe on the North Shore of Oahu when co-founders Suzanne and Terri discovered that each had skills the other wanted and appreciated in a collaborator. Together they brought decades of consulting experience, award winning academic success, and some interesting twists and turns to the entrepreneurs journey. They share a commitment to human growth and development in service of a better world and have been fortunate to find colleagues who share that commitment and bring their own unique set of skills and artistry to the firm.

About the SyncUp4 Model

The SyncUp Team