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The World Needs Conscious Leaders

Grow your mindset. Transform your organization.

Why is Conscious Leadership Important?

Our current mindsets are overwhelmed and underdeveloped. Most of what drives behavior in ourselves, teams and cultures in organizations is under the waterline. Autopilot behavior blocks the agility, equanimity and wisdom we keep hoping to hear, see and feel from ourselves and our leaders. The impact of under the waterline unconscious leadership – burnout, declining engagement, low trust for leaders and employees willing to walk away from rigid and inflexible workplaces.

Why aren’t we talking about the role of the unconscious in our models of coaching, leadership development, and systems change?

The Challenge

Our unconscious behavior is driven in part by our early life response to stress, overwhelm, anxiety and uncertainty. These responses show up as patterns and habits that we try to change but remain resistant to our efforts. But there is hope. Our capacity to grow our minds and expand our consciousness is infinite.

Conscious Leaders:

  • Bring their whole self to everything they do with extraordinary self-awareness

  • Understand how their inner world impacts their ability to respond with wisdom and compassion to external demands

  • Have growth mindsets and see every interaction as an opportunity to learn

  • Support cultures where people are resilient and thrive, and prosperity results from doing good work for a better world. 

What Makes SyncUp Unique?

We help leaders learn to dive below the surface and explore past experiences, beliefs, fears, and patterns that limit strategic choice and contribute to burnout. Using mind-brain research and the groundbreaking practices of Internal Family Systems (IFS) and the SyncUp4 model helps you learn to rewire your internal operating system to sync up your leadership mindset and culture with the realities of a complex world.

Bottom-line impact: think deeper, learn faster and free up the capacity to innovate and collaborate to make the difference you desire.

This is how we do it.



We help organizations integrate MINDSET development into People development strategies and programs for bottom line impact.

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We engage leaders and managers in dynamic education that uses brain science to impact thinking, performing, and relating.



We individualize mindset development to the unique greatness in every leader.



We share neuroscience discoveries that can make a difference in your leaders and your organization.

SyncUp In the World

Resources from SyncUp

Grow your mindset. Transform your organization.

Our mindsets must be large enough to meet the demands of a complex world. Is there a gap between your leadership mindsets and the results that you hope to inspire? Learn more about how neuroscience discoveries have helped us write a new operating manual for leadership effectiveness and collaborative power.


SyncUp is LinkedIn

Visit Syncup Leadership Group on LinkedIn for our latest updates. We promise to search out and comment on the latest neuroscience, mindset and leadership trends that will help you thrive in your professional and personal life. We believe in the positive power of relationships and enlightened social networks.

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Mindsets are a critical competitive advantage. Is your organization brain friendly enough to grow mindsets?

Most of us spend the majority of our waking hours at work. Some neuroscientists have referred to organizations as social prisons for the brain. Take a few minutes to answer questions that provide a candid peek into the factors that influence mindset growth in your organization.


The biggest shift in my mindset was based on the whole person integration model and the neuroscience research shared by Suzanne and Terri. The increased level of mindfulness that I gained and began to practice daily at home and and work, shifted my behaviors from automatic responses to reflective steps toward a more thoughtful life. I am a better friend, daughter, colleague, wife, and mother based on the tools I now carry with me. Truly a life changing experience!

Mary PriceDirector, Global Revenue and Business Recruiting, Slack

Working with the SyncUp4 model and IFS has enabled me to continue cultivating professional opportunities and to ultimately make sound and balanced decisions. My jungle of activity originating from a young, self-doubt part has been tamed. I am only beginning to realize how my various parts fully enhance me even as I work to negotiate with any one of them.

Andrew ButcherPresident, The Maine Connectivity Authority

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