SyncUp Services

We give you the tools to Sync up your leadership mindset and culture for optimal performance.

Our Consulting Process

Assess and Design

We link what we do to your organization’s strategy and performance goals via a co-developed set of success measures that are both challenging and achievable


Integrating measures of success established with our clients in the design process, we roll out our curriculum in phases based on rapid prototyping driven by applied learning principles. This ensures high levels of engagement, relevance and deep learning – the elements that fuel behavior change.


We provide in-person and online solutions for continued learning. We like to do a six month post program check-in to see what is sticking. Our goal is behavior change and we know that time and wise guidance drives new practices, habits and norms.

My change in leadership has been so successful that we had an increase in our bottom line of $500,000 in an 18 million dollar budget. This is a very significant increase in one year. Up until several years ago, my mindset as a leader was to always have answers and always have solutions. But I saw that I needed to become better at stepping into the unknown where you don’t always know the answer. I now have the maturity to be comfortable with ambiguity and to work with it. We are now moving our culture towards innovation as a future investment which is not easy in a nonprofit environment. This was revolutionary. A lot of leadership is evolutionary, but this was revolutionary learning and application happening during and because of your program.

Brian Schreiber, President & CEOThe Jewish Community Center of Greater Pittsburgh

I’ve been able to take an introspective look at my leadership style and to delegate more and free myself up to build capacity in others. My confidence level is much higher as a mentor and coach of others - to give direction, to delegate and to inspire my team to do what they need to get done for the organization.

Mark Lewis, President and CEOPOISE Foundation

The biggest shift in my mindset was based on the whole person integration model and the neuroscience research shared by Suzanne and Terri. The increased level of mindfulness that I gained and began to practice daily at home and and work, shifted my behaviors from automatic responses to reflective steps toward a more thoughtful life. I am a better friend, daughter, colleague, wife, and mother based on the tools I now carry with me. Truly a life changing experience!

Mary Price, Director, Global Revenue and Business RecruitingSlack


Venn Diagram with Mindset power in the middle

Mindset Power

Mindset is the fuel of sustainable change.  We know what it takes to grow mindsets; deep desire, uncommon self awareness, personal practices that create new neural pathways and expert guidance. We provide the components that help you embrace and live your greatness. Our evidence based model for behavior change is infused with unique exercises and learning, expert facilitation and individual coaching. Your leadership and organization challenges are woven into our applied learning designs.


Vertical Power

Individual capacity is the foundation of sustainable mindset change in organizations. In this highly interactive workshop participants: connect to the power of focused attention, learn a whole person model that supports leading in complex environments, experience how working with patterns impacts thinking, performing and relating and understand how the social brain supports collaboration. With a process and a set of practices that promotes mindset growth each participant leaves this workshop with the tools to make significant behavior change.


Leader Power

Leadership mindsets increase individual and organizational effectiveness. This workshop helps leaders rethink what they are doing and how they do it. Participants will: identify workplace practices that inhibit or boost focus, insight and productivity; increase their window of tolerance for complex problems; learn how accountability and compassion support healthy risk taking and team effectiveness. Participants leave this workshop with well crafted action plans for leading self and others in a complex world.

Culture Power

Culture is the collective mindset of your organization. Every day, all day, relationships and the environment at work have a powerful impact on engagement, retention and performance. In this workshop participants will explore, define, debate and develop a set of best practices to optimize relationships and working norms in their respective organizational domains. They leave the workshop with plans in place that support rapid prototyping for culture change. We believe their wisdom and power to influence the organization will be evolutionary; driven by mindset growth – the enduring competitive advantage.


Our master coaches help leaders integrate and apply mindset power to how they work  and live for sustainable impact. We use the metaphor of “diving for gold” as we help leaders explore, at their own pace and choosing, the patterns, beliefs and behaviors that detract from and support their greatness. Assessments and exercises support our process. Leaders develop and master personal practices to achieve uncommon insights for remarkable results.

Suzanne has changed my life! by helping me surface unproductive patterns and behaviour, understand their reason for being within my life experience and replace them with more helpful thinking and choices. The results have been remarkable. Through my work with Suzanne I have tapped into a deeper level of internal awareness and wisdom, used that wisdom to guide me during crisis and day to day life and developed disciplined practices that I can use to bring me back to that wisdom spot on a daily basis.

Barb Steele, Managing DirectorThe Natural Step, Canada

Terri Egan gives you the practitioner's approach to applied science. She has her own unique way of building leaders – by taking highly complicated ideas, and making them eminently useful in practice. The science? Neuroscience. Let her translate what we've learned about the brain, into what you can do to be more effective – Terri rocks!

Don Brown, Author'What Got You Here Won't Get You There in Sales' and 'Bring Out the Best in Every Employee'

Exploring the 4 Leadership Development Capabilities with Suzanne as my coach and guide resulted in new insights into my own leadership patterns and appreciating how these were both helping me and holding me back. I was able to reshape the patterns to get out of leadership autopilot and work as a much more strategic leader, in real time, as I navigated a new job that is truly in a VUCA environment!

Kristen Gemeny, Leadership DevelopmentThe Boeing Company

Suzanne’s coaching helped me to cut through the fog that clouded my thinking.

Theresa Garcia, Sr. Advisor, Organization EffectivenessThe Boeing Company


Suzanne Lahl keynoting at the 2014 Nonprofit Leadership Institute Conference.

Leading change is arguably among the most important survival skills for nonprofit executives and their board leaders. This two day workshop introduced an audience of 100 leaders and students to the SyncUp 4 Model of leading in complex environments.

Terri Egan speaking to a group of executives about the importance of dynamic attention. 

This group of executives took part in a seven month leadership program sponsored by The Pittsburgh Foundation. The program was based on the SyncUp4 Model of Dynamic Capabilities.

Julie Chesley keynoting at the 2019 Pariveda Solutions Futures Conference.

Ever wonder why you do things that that in hindsight seem irrational? Leaders at Pariveda learned about the power of working with unconscious habits of mind to improve performance.