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Is Your Organization Brain Friendly Enough To Grow Mindsets?

Please respond to the following  statements about your organization. Upon completion you will have a better idea of how prepared your organization is to grow mindsets.

  • We understand that brain friendly practices (avoiding multi-tasking, being well rested, having time for reflection, focusing on one thing at a time) impact the bottom line.
  • We talk about and are fueled by the inspiration and meaning that we find in our work.
  • We are fully present and avoid distractions when working together.
  • We value emotional maturity as much as intellectual maturity in this organization.
  • We understand that humans have unconscious biases that are wired in and regularly challenge each other’s thinking and reactions.
  • We build relational skill sets as much as technical skill sets - after all the brain is a social organ.
  • We understand that people learn and accept change more easily in environments that value compassion AND accountability in equal measure.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.