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Forbes Features SyncUp Team Research

Forbes Magazine writer Dede Henley recently highlighted Julie Chesley and Terri Egan’s research in two separate articles. The first focused on how vertical development can make you a better leader. Why is vertical development important? About 95% of our behavior is out of our conscious awareness: we are all on autopilot. Autopilot isn’t a bad

How to Reduce Being Overwhelmed in an Uncertain World

Restore Energy, Uncover Insight, and Gain Support   Are you working longer hours, getting less done, and feeling bad about it? Well, you aren’t alone. New research suggests that our workday has increased by almost 40% since the pandemic began. On top of these extra work hours, many of us support remote learning for our

Tend and Befriend: The Brain Savvy Way that Women Respond to Stress

Workplace stress is costly. It can also be deadly. It is particularly hazardous for women who often have the additional stress of juggling their work life sandwiched between duties of parenting and caring for elderly parents. While optimal levels of stress motivate us to perform at our best, too much stress has negative consequences on

4 Ways Emotional Awareness Enhances Leadership Skills

Beyond the financial reward for Disney/Pixar and the entertainment value for families the hit movie “Inside Out” offers serious mind-brain leadership lessons for entrepreneurs who have the courage and heart to listen to all of their emotions. Through the magic of Pixar animation we enter the “Inside Out” world of 11-year-old Riley as she learns

4 Tips to Wire Your Brain for Entrepreneurial Wisdom

Over the past 20 years, we’ve learned more about the brain than in the entire course of human history. Researchers are on a quest to find out how can we translate brain science into practical strategies for increasing individual and organizational effectiveness — and along with that, more details about the relationship between neuroscience and entrepreneurship. Research

The Importance of Developing an Entrepreneurial Backbone

Many entrepreneurs are so focused on getting their businesses up and running that they leave too little time for personal and professional development. Between managing the balance sheet and binge-working under constant self-imposed deadlines, they don’t realize the importance of developing their whole selves. The fact is, all aspects of life — relationships, career and

Distracted and Overwhelmed Employees Are Costing You Big. Try These 3 Fixes.

Information overload and the always-connected-24/7-work environment are overwhelming workers, undermining productivity and contributing to low employee engagement, according to Deloitte’s 2014 Global Human Capital Trends report. Small businesses, in particular, often function with the bare minimum number of employees. An overwhelmed team can significantly affect the company’s bottom line. Brain research shows that performance on

The Myth of Learning from Experience: How Experimental Avoidance (EA)…

Are you smarter and wiser than you were last year or even last month? Learning from experience is critical to gains in thinking and performance. But what if we were to tell you that in many cases, when it matters most, learning from experience may be a myth? Read on to discover the danger of

Continuous Partial Attention: Is it Time to Audit your “CPA”?

Attention is a precious resource. Have you considered how you use, diffuse, confuse and potentially abuse your attention? Do you understand the link between where you are spending your attention and the quality of your energy, productivity, and relationships? We live in a world with tremendous potential for distraction. Linda Stone, a former Apple and Microsoft