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Dive Into Conscious Leadership: A SyncUp Retreat for Leaders, Consultants and Coaches at Lake Tahoe, NV

April 29, 2024 @ 4:30 pm - May 3, 2024 @ 10:30 am PDT


$3,950 All Inclusive

Our potential to grow our minds — to expand our consciousness— is infinite. Imagine your brain and mind are an iceberg where more than 95% of what motivates your behavior is below the waterline of your conscious awareness. This four-day intensive gives you the skills — and a specific process — to dive below the surface and explore past experiences, beliefs and patterns that limit your strategic choices and get in the way of a growth mindset. You’ll emerge with greater clarity, joy, flexibility and effectiveness.

Using what we know about the brain and the mind, we teach you to rewire your internal operating system to sync up with the realities of a complex world and become a more conscious leader.

What is conscious leadership?

Conscious leadership is the ability to bring our whole self to all we do with extraordinary self-awareness. Conscious leaders understand how their inner world impacts their ability to respond with wisdom and compassion to the demands of their organization, the people they lead and the environment. Conscious leaders have growth mindsets. They see every interaction as an opportunity to learn. They recognize their part in creating the systems and circumstances they are trying to change.

Bottom line impact for leaders includes thinking deeper, learning faster and applying insights for self and others that drive more relevant and appropriate actions.

Conscious action translates to efficiency, clarity, compassion, creativity and well-being.

Why is conscious leadership so important?

We live and lead in an age of disruption that calls for agility, equanimity and wisdom. Our current mindsets are overwhelmed and underdeveloped.

More than 95% of our behavior is unconscious, driven in part by our early life repertoire of responses to stress, overwhelm, anxiety and uncertainty.

We love this quote by Kegan and Lahey:

Most people at work, even in high-performing organizations, divert considerable energy every day to a second job that no one has hired them to do: preserving their reputations, putting their best selves forward and hiding their inadequacies from others and themselves. We believe this is the single biggest cause of wasted resources in nearly every company today.

Kegan, Lahey, Fleming, Miller, HBRApril 2014

The antidote is moving ourselves and our organizations out of autopilot.

This retreat will shine new light on the conscious leader journey and how you might be the source and the solution to your own and your team’s overwhelm, autopilot, burnout and low engagement.

Those who pursue the conscious leadership journey reduce unhealthy and reactive behavior, gain the agility to embrace ambiguity and larger perspectives, make choices from a place of freedom and wisdom and feel a significant decrease in stress and drama. 

Conscious leaders develop cultures and organizations where the whole person is welcome, brain health and productivity are valued, people are resilient and thrive and prosperity results from doing good work for a better world. 

Understanding the mind-brain connection and learning how to grow your mindset is the new frontier in leadership development.

Conscious leaders are a critical competitive advantage in all organizations.

How do we work with the unconscious?

Our conscious leadership curriculum is grounded in the neuroscience informed SyncUp4 Leadership model and the Internal Family Systems model. Internal Family Systems is recognized as one of the most powerful ways to work with the unconscious. 

Drawing from deep experience as researchers, consultants, educators and coaches we create a safe environment that allows you to self-inquire with depth, compassion, curiosity and courage.  

You will be working to uncover lifelong patterns and identify the unconscious parts of yourself that keep these patterns in place. You’ll learn to recognize and understand how these parts of yourself are burdened with negative beliefs, attitudes and feelings learned at different stages of life. 

You will apply your learnings to key relationships, to your professional environment, to your team/or clients, to your organization; to your present and your future goals.

The goal is to reconnect to your authentic core, vitality and inner knowing. This brings internal harmony and joy and greater capacity to respond to increasingly complex challenges. 

We invite you to an iterative dance of short lectures, self assessments, application exercises, guided meditation, journaling, discussions and time for mind-body integration. This is how you will harness the power of neuroplasticity to explore and rewire old patterns and habits into more agile responses. 

Working with the SyncUp4 model and IFS has enabled me to continue cultivating professional opportunities and to ultimately make sound and balanced decisions. My jungle of activity originating from a young self-doubt part has been tamed. I am only beginning to realize how my various parts fully enhance me even as I work to negotiate with any one of them.

Andrew Butcher, Director of Innovation & ResilienceGreater Portland Council of Governments

What is the value proposition we offer you at this retreat?

If becoming more conscious is important to you, if developing deeper self-awareness and a stronger connection to your whole self is important to you, we will expertly guide you for four days to identify, understand and unleash the burdens and stress that cloud your best self. 

Taking time out of your day-to-day activity for self-reflection is critical to uncovering your unique greatness. You will leave this retreat with new perspectives and practices, new friends on the consciousness journey and an expanded capacity to achieve more than you thought you could.

You will grow your self-compassion which directly affects your ability to maintain a growth mindset and learn from experience as you navigate an increasingly ambiguous and complex set of leadership challenges. Leaders with self-compassion support a climate that encourages innovation and healthy risk-taking. 

This retreat is designed to strengthen your connection to your authentic voice which liberates you and gives others permission to do the same. 

You will understand key relationships, especially those that excite fear and anxiety, from a new perspective. New information allows you to move through and beyond energy depleting patterns to a place of freedom with options for a better future. 

You’ll leave with more courage to drive clear-headed action in daily life. 

I have become committed to the SyncUp4 model and IFS process and have shared my experience with many colleagues and friends who are stuck in old patterns of behavior or frustrated with an inability to make change. Discovering my parts and learning to work with them has been personally valuable but even more important to making changes professionally and as a leader.

Gina Laksy, Managing Director, Behavioral Health at Health Management Associates(MA in Public Leadership)

Who are we in the field of leadership and organization development?

  • We are researchers, educators and pioneers in the field of vertical development — an emerging, evidence-based set of best practices that focus on growing leadership agility.
  • We make science practically useful in service of thriving organizations and a better world. Our SyncUp4 Model for building leadership capacity is grounded in Dr. Dan Siegel’s interpersonal neurobiology approach to mind-brain integration. Dr. Siegel is the author of Mindsight, The Whole Brain Child and Aware.
  • We are pleased to collaborate with Dr. Richard Schwartz, the founder of the Internal Family Systems (IFS), to be among the first to bring this model to organizations. Watch this seven-minute video to learn more about this evidence-based approach to improving functioning and well-being. 
  • We teach in the globally ranked MSOD program at Pepperdine University Graduate School of Business. Dr. Terri Egan is a professor of applied behavioral science at Pepperdine Graziadio School of Business. Suzanne Lahl, MSOD has led consciousness retreats globally and has coached executives and leaders for over three decades.
  • We have developed evidence-based self assessments that expand consciousness. 
  • We have authored peer reviewed articles on leadership and neuroscience informed mind-brain integration and vertical development.  
  • We believe the most important resource we have under our control for navigating complexity in the workplace is conscious leadership. 
  • We are part of a network of practitioners and academics committed to the art and science of expanding consciousness. 

Who is a great fit for SyncUp retreats?

  • Executives and senior leaders curious about growth mindsets and creating conscious cultures. 
  • Organization development and leadership development practitioners.
  • Non-profit leaders and executives.
  • Emerging leaders with big vision and capability.
  • Entrepreneurs who seek a competitive edge.
  • Teams with complex missions.
  • Multi-sector collaborations focused on wicked social issues.
  • Coaches focused on selfawareness, growth mindset, strategic thinking. 
  • Small teams 
  •  If you are new to SyncUp please contact Suzanne at (808) 284-2859 before registering.

What is a typical day like in our program?

You’ll move from a morning of applied learning in an open and bright classroom to an afternoon of learning in nature.  Each day ends with time to integrate new awareness and insights followed by mindful movement or sound healing.

  • Breakfast at 8:00
  • Morning Session (9:00-12:00) 
  • Lunch and break for renewal and integration (12:00-2:00)
  • Afternoon Session (2:00-5:00) 
  • Break and Dinner (5:00-7:00)
  • Evening Session (7:00-9:00) 

Options to engage in coaching and small group learning will be available post the retreat.

Why did we choose Zephyr Point Conference Center for this retreat?

Nature will be a profound retreat partner.  We have the lake, mountains, trees and huge boulders surrounding us.  The shamans of all indiginous cultures were often inspired and guided by the wisdom of the natural elements.  You will feel the energy to dive deep.

What is the refund policy?

If you cancel by January 25, 2024 you will receive full refund.

If you cancel by February 25, 2024 you will receive 50% refund.

No refund after February 25, 2024.

If you need to cancel, our preference is that you find someone who can attend in your place.

If SyncUp Leadership Group Cancels

On rare occasions, due to unforeseen circumstances, SyncUp Leadership Group may need to cancel a program. We will notify registrants of cancellation and issue a full refund for fees paid.  If you are purchasing airfare to attend a SyncUp program, we recommend investigating travel insurance with appropriate coverage for ultimate flexibility as SyncUp Leadership Group will not reimburse for travel expenses.

SyncUp Leadership group will not be liable for any delay in, change to or cancellation of retreats due to ‘Force Majeure’. ‘Force Majeure’ means a circumstance beyond the reasonable control of the organization and includes, but is not limited to, war or threat of war, riot, civil strife, terrorist activity, industrial dispute, disease, industrial or nuclear disaster, adverse weather conditions, fire and strikes.

Our Intention

It’s our intention to make things as simple as possible for you to attend our programs, while balancing the administrative and business realities we face in contracting for retreat space.  Please text Suzanne if you have special circumstances – 808-284-2859.

Our Covid Policy

All participants are required to be vaccinated before attending a SyncUp retreat. We will follow Nevada protocols for masking in alignment with our Zephyr Point retreat location

If you are new to SyncUp please contact Suzanne at (808) 284-2859
before registering.

Have more questions?

Download Dive Into Conscious Leadership PDF

We love questions. Please email Suzanne at Or text her at 808-284-2859. You can reach Terri at 949-230-0918.

Come dive into the silence, reflection, learning and healing surrounding four days and nights on the shores of Lake Tahoe. Explore how to reach the highest and wisest version of yourself by discovering untapped potential and what might be standing in the way.


April 29, 2024 @ 4:30 pm PDT
May 3, 2024 @ 10:30 am PDT


Zephyr Point Conference Center
660 US-50
Zephyr Cove, NV 89448 United States
+1 775-588-6759
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SyncUp Leadership Group
808 284-2859
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